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Ground and connect within!

Life is confusing and can feel really lonely at times. When I am feeling low emotionally and physically, I know it is time to detox my mind. Taking time for yourself is not selfish. In fact, we all need to have our quiet time. This is the time to quiet our minds and reconnect with our self.

For me, spending time outdoors and grounding is one of my favorite ways to detox my mind. So if you are looking for some pointers, try these!

1. Go outside, find a place under a tree, by a stream, in a park or even a small patch of grass.

2. Take your shoes off (provided its not freezing:) ) and place your feet on the ground and connect with natures floor.

3. Image your feet growing roots and those roots moving down through the earth, far deep into mother earth.

4. Tilt your head to the sky and take three slow deep breaths. With those breaths, fill your belly rise and then your chest rise as the air fills your diaphragm and lungs. Hold that breath for a second or two and then let it out.

5. Image with each breath that you are syphoning from mother earth her beautiful energy and pulling it up through your roots, back up through your body and image it exiting through your top of your head going towards the sky.

6. Image a white light coming from the sky, down through the top of your head, moving through your body and then back down through the roots that are grounded.

7. When you are doing this grounding, only concentrate on your breath and the movement of that energy through your body.

8. When you feel your body feel heavy and connected to the earth, then say "I am letting go of all things that no longer serve me".

9. Stay and enjoy. At this moment your are just "being". Enjoy "being". You are a beautiful soul, send gratitude to mother earth.

I hope that by trying this, you will have benefited in some way. Thank you for being you! G

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