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Greta believes in the power of the universe and that we are all one. We are all on our own journey and our journey does not come with a map, a map to joy, compassion and inner peace. We are all searching for inner peace, Greta has been guided to share her gifts with others in a down-to-earth, relatable, and authentic manner. Her overall mission is to share and bring forth the teachings of a universe that are accessible to all; for the growth, healing, and exploration of our highest potential.

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Greta is a certified Energy Healer and certified Reiki Master. Her approach to energy healing is unique in that she integrates a hybrid energy approach that connects your higher self to your human self. While typical reiki focuses on human blocks, she focuses on connecting you to universe oneness which connects the mind to the soul and the human body which increases your human and intuitive gifts as energy flows more freely and removes any disconnect. She is also gifted with the art of energetically boosting and grounding others which helps with removing blocks, healing and increasing intuitive gifts. A session with Greta is invigorating and relaxing as her energy is kind, engaging, safe and loving. 


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